Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Suffering Sweetly

I have no answers. It makes no sense to me. Why did you, an innocent infant, have to suffer? Because You were my son, I felt your suffering acutely. I don't understand why any child has to suffer.

In Myanmar many thousands of children drowned or were blown away on high winds or hit by debris. Because of some stupid politically paranoid government, the children who survived may die of disease, or lack of water and food. Why don't people let others in the country to save the children?

In China a 7.9 earthquake killed thousands of children. They were crushed beneath buildings as the quake shook the roofs loose. Babies crushed in their cribs or with their parents in their homes.

Even thou you suffered my baby boy I was able to rock you and hold you until you took your very last breath. In some ways we were very lucky. We spent the vast majority of your ten months, 11 days together. You died in an embrace of love.
I was blessed to be holding you and you left this world and went on to the next. I'll be seeing you there some day.


euthymic said...

What a beautiful boy he was. Thank you for sharing your journey. Am praying for you. God bless.

insane mama said...

Oh my, such sweetness, words cannot heal but time does

Putz said...

people ought to understand that babies are the most important thing in the world...i have commented before but you once again took the time to know why the lord's first commandment was to multiply and replentish the world, thanks for sharing your son

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

Experiencing your son's passing, I'm sure, was as powerful as his birth. I'm happy you were there for him as he passed.

Have you been to Angie's blog at http://audreycaroline.blogspot.com ? When I first went there, I got sucked right in and printed her whole blog from the beginning, so I could catch up. She lost her baby girl after just a few hours. Her story is incredibly inspirational to me.

mylitlbratz said...

Your son is a beautiful child. Thank you for sharing your sons life with us.